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Lumberjack Shirt offers a great balance between 100% protection and style.

In this Shirt You will find a 100% Original DuPont KEVLAR fibre lining,
and we also integrated our brand new waterproof membrane lining in it as well

The 5 Point Protector System (shoulders, elbows and back) provides
ideal protection against injuries at key impact points.

It looks like a conventional shirt but the front of the shirt has a flap, with a thick durable metal zip underneath it. So when riding it will not come apart at the front, hence you can ride with confidence.

• Inner lining out of 100% original DuPont KEVLAR fibre lining

• Interior pockets with zippers

• Armour pockets on back/ shoulder/ elbow

• 4 Airvents (Side Body, and Under Arms)